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Way Away....

I'm away from home for a few days but I'm working on a piece for the August EtsyBeadweavers Challenge - Art Deco. Here is a sneak peek of my workspace in my hotel room and the challenge piece in progress!

I never leave home without my bead, my laptop and my camera!

Oh...and this is not the piece I originally bought beads for and intended to make. This piece is the result of serendipity.


Vintage Jewelry

I've been meaning to post photos of this necklace and earring set for a while. It's at least 50 years old and may be as much as 60 years old. It was a gift from my father to my mother and I believe it was before I was born. She gave me the set at least 35 years ago and though I've never worn it, I've hauled it around with me since then. I don't really know much about it but I've always thought that it's beautiful. I'm not sure what the metal used in it is because it's as bright and beautiful as polished sterling silver but it's never tarnished. Anyone got any ideas?

Inspiration Piece Finished

The piece that was inspired by the photo (below a couple of posts) is finally finished. It's not exactly what I had in mind but I had "technical" difficulties. The ocean jasper stone I used in the pendant had no hole in it and I wasn't able to manage a way to set it that would leave the stone completely visible though that is what I'd hoped to achieve. The spiral rope is a combination of 10 different coloured Delica seed beads. It was the first time I tried using Delicas for a spiral rope and I AM pleased with how that came out. I still have more beads in these colours and I'm contemplating another project.


Stars at Midnight Bracelet

I had to delay completing this bracelet because I ran out of beads. My order arrived yesterday so I was able to finish it by working on it last evening and this morning. I'm very happy with the results. It's made with Toho triangles and it's 1 1/4" wide. It's fairly stiff but still has a suppleness to it and it's a gorgeous colour - deep navy with some transparent dusty blue appearing as the stars in it's name.


Busy, Busy...

It's not like me to not post for so many days. So here's a photo so that you can see that I'm working, just not finishing. One of these projects is (hopefully) going to be my entry to the EBW Challenge for August - Art Deco. One is the project I discussed in the previous post. One is a project that I'm waiting for the beads to arrive to finish it and finally, one is a quickie project I'm working on just for relaxation. Can you tell which is which?


Inspiration on the Ocean - Revisited

A couple of weeks ago, I posted the photograph. I've been ruminating on it since then.

Today, finally, the last of the beads which were inspired by that photograph, arrived. Here they are, along with a stone I found in a local shop. It's the next project I'm going to start. I don't usually have more than one project on the go at a time, but right now, I have two other pieces in progress. And I have an idea for these beads and can't wait until the other projects are done! You know how it is when you are inspired!

I thought it would be easier to compare if I put the photo here.


The Amazing Vanishing Necklace

I'd been working on this necklace for several days. While I was in Vancouver last, I bought the glass pendant bead and was looking forward to creating something. The necklace is another spiral rope in three different turquoise beads with a clear aurora borealis core bead. The pendant can be removed, so the rope can be worn alone. I contemplated adding a silk rope as well and had taken the necklace with me to show a friend over a coffee in her store. I also wanted her opinion about whether it was "finished". I was wondering if I'd add some fringe to the bottom half of the pendant. Couldn't make up my mind.

While I was there, another friend came in looking for a gift. As she was browsing through my jewelry that was already in the store, I showed her this necklace. She snatched it from my hands and said: "I'll take it!"

So before I'd even decided it was finished, it was sold. It vanished! And it wasn't till I got home that I remembered that I hadn't even photographed it yet! Fortunately, this morning when I dropped in on her, it hadn't gone to it's new home yet, so I was able to get a picture of it!


More Spiral Rope Bracelets

Another technique that I'm enjoying is the spiral rope stitch. It's very relaxing to do as it's repetitive and feels almost like medatation. I think I like it best done with a single bead colour rather than a variety. I've worn these bracelets with as many as three on the arm at a time and I like the look both singly and multiples. If you haven't yet tried this stitch, check it out. It's so simple but looks so elegant.

This last bracelet was made as a gift for my daughter. It uses beads left over from a bracelet she commissioned me to make as a gift for her friend. I thought she'd enjoy having a similar bracelet. What you can't really see...the Swarovski crystals in every third spiral. It sparkles so beautifully!


A Treasury Appearance!

I was checking out the EBW Etsy forum thread and found myself in this Treasury!

I'd like to thank Scarf It Up for including my Turquoise Freeform Peyote Bracelet!

Check out her shop! I love this scarf which would have been gorgeous in the Treasury!

More Earrings!

I'm still enjoying making the triangles so...more earrings! I'm loving working with the Toho triangle beads too!


It's Time To Vote!!

Etsy BeadWeavers July Challenge is up on the blog and ready for you to vote. The theme this time is A Midsummer Night's Dream and the entries are...well...dreamy! Below is a sample of the entries but you'll need to go to the EBW Blog to cast your vote and link to the entrants beaded piece to see details. Don't miss it! You only have till midnight on July 15th to vote!

July 08 Challenge


Avocado Bracelet

This single drop peyote bracelet uses two different finishes of Delica beads in avocado. One is matt and one is pearle. I'm pleased with the look it gave by alternating beads by row. The colour was selected to work with the bead which was a gift. I'm not sure what the stone is...jade? jasper? I have a few more of the stones but this one has the most green in it. The others have more black.

Triangle Earrings

This first pair of earrings were started quite a while ago. I first showed one of them here and completed them a few days ago.

The following two pairs are made using Toho triangle beads. I really like the look of these as it's less controlled and more serendipity, though they are still basic triangles.


Inspiration on the Ocean

This photo was taken today, from a boat on the ocean. We were behind an island I can see from my home so what I saw there was a surprise and a treat. Looking at this shot, what really struck me is the subtle variation in colour. It's monochromatic at first glance but multi-coloured on second inspection, I'm intrigued...and inspired. If it inspires you, I'd love to see what your inspiration produces. I have an idea I'm ruminating on.

Most of this scene would be under water were it a high tide. The low tide has revealed the striations in the rock and the barnacles. In the foreground is the reflection of the rock in the water and the bulb heads of kelp.


More Spiral Rope

Still messing around with spiral rope. I keep thinking, I wonder how it would look if....and I have to make another one! I have two or three more ideas.

This one I'm thinking of entering in the EBW Challenge for June. To me it has an ethereal quality to it that reminds me of Dreaming, Mid Summer.

Not sure about the fate of this one yet.


Playing With Spiral Rope

I've made another spiral rope piece. And have another in the works. I'm fooling around with some different size beads to see how it comes out. Learning new beading stitches is soooo much fun!


Front Page Treasury - Oh! Canada

Just for fun, and to celebrate Canada's Birthday today, I put together a Treasury on Etsy made up of red and white items with a couple of maple leaves thrown in for good measure. And Yippee!! It made it to the front page. Makes me proud. As well, the lovely comments that the treasury has had makes my heart glad.

Here are the links to all of the above artists:

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LiebenowDesign - Maple Leaf Etched Velour
ReneesPaperandYarn - Red Velvet Cake Gumball Beaded Bead 001
totallytwisted - Strands of Red Bracelet
allieart4children - little red shoes handmade notecard
SandFibers - Red and White Triangle Peyote Ring
LauriDesigns - Simply Red Necklace Carnelian
HarvestMoonPaper - O Canada, Celebrate Canada Day Card
myfairladyvt4 - Dark Red Coral Beach Doily Earrings
RegalBeads - PassionRuthscraft - Cushion cover Retro flower power print 16 inch
njema - Red and White Candy-striped Diamond beaded Earrings