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Busy, Busy, Busy

Totally focused on getting ready for a Craft Show. Back to blogging next week!


I've been shopping

And here is a peek at my booty!

10 organza bags to wrap things I sell at the craft fair December 1, a sheet of copper, 5 copper tags and wire to hook them on, some felt to use as backgrounds in photos, two hanks of seed beads, some cobalt blue beads for a bracelet, some bugle beads and some miniature scrabble squares. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the copper or the scrabble squares or the bugle beads but I am certain that I don't yet have enough crafting stuff!


A Cool Website

I found this artists work on Etsy and followed a link to her website. These little beaded art pins are gorgeous!

Art Quilt Pins


Sterling Silver Wire Bracelet

This bracelet has amethyst chips and crystals dangling from it. It also has Bali silver bead caps and elegant little mauve flower beads.

More Beaded Bags

This blue bag was difficult to photograph well to show the true colours. The bag is a light denim colour and the beads are irridescent and called iris olive.

This white/gold beaded bag has some lovely lampwork beads embellishing it.

I love this little bag. The bead colour is called rootbeer and it's embellished with crystals. The second photo shows the colour better.

I've been working

Just a quick photo to show that I have in fact been working. Can you see the little beaded fairy that I'm experimenting with?


Not Bead Related

It's been a crazy day. The power went out last night around midnight and didn't come back on until about 6:30 tonight. It was a stress filled day as no power means no coffee, no computer, no telephone, no tv, no hot water, and worst of all...no heat!

The good news today is that my hockey team (okay, not MY team but the team I follow and love) won their game tonight 6-2. Power came back in time for me to get to watch the game. Life is good.

I've been busy working away at beady things but haven't gotten around to any photos. Tomorrow. For sure.


Rainy Wednesday...

I'm away from home all of this week so not up to much as far as beading goes. Though I did do a little shopping for beads on Monday and I plan on doing a little more later this week. I also phoned in an order for more silver wire so I can do more wirework when I get home.


Great New Book

A couple of days ago, I got a new book in the mail and I'm absolutely thrilled with it! It's called Rubber Stamped Jewelry. The book is everything I expected and more. You can see it here: Visit Rubber Stamped Jewelry, where you can even get a peek inside the book.

The section it had on wirework jewelry inspired me and I spent the afternoon making earrings.

The two pairs on the outside in this photo are among my favourites with the bent wire.

This pair with the blue beads was my first attempt at working the wire for earrings.