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More Spiral Earrings Plus...

Last post I mentioned making some pink ones for my granddaughter. Here they are...one pink and one in her favourite colour combination, pink and lime green:

I also completed a new freeform peyote bracelet which is listed in my Etsy shop. Similar to one I'd made in the past but a bit simpler.


Spiral Earings

I actually made these several days ago and have made more since. They are fun to make and the two pictured here are available for sale in my Etsy store. I'm planning a pink pair for my granddaughter and I have some ideas for a few more too. The dangling dagger really finishes them.

I'm not sure which pair I like better!


Finally, It's Done!!

I finally finished the commission I've been working on...for...seems like forever! Finished it today and delivered it. My friend (and customer) was very happy with it. We had dinner together in a local restaurant and before we left, she was showing it off.

Just before she asked me to make her a "honkin' big" necklace, I'd bought a pair of antique silver garland links that would accept three strands for the neckpiece. I really wanted to incorporate it so I made three strands of spiral rope. Each strand is different. Two of them incorporate the faux pearls she had given me to include. Then I added a pendant that can be removed so that the necklace can be worn more than one way.

These photos are not the greatest but the piece has gone to it's new home so they'll have to do.