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I'm putting a permanent link on my page to Artbeads.com because I'm so impressed with them. Look for it in the right hand column of my blog page.

I've been shopping around on the internet for a bead store and I've tried several. (I live in a town of 2500 and the closest beadshop to me is three hours away by car and I don't drive.) One that I liked for the variety, has recently bumped up their shipping and handling to a minimum of $16. This just doesn't make sense if I'm only spending $20 on beads as it almost doubles my cost. One of my goals has been to find an online bead shop that has a good selection AND reasonable shipping costs. Artbeads fills the bill. One dollar shipping to Canada! Here's what I like about them:

1. When I place an order I immediately get an email back to confirm my order.

2. Then I get another email, letting me know that my order has shipped. My first order with them was placed on a Sunday, confirmed that day and shipped that day! Excellent service!

3. Even taking into account that my order had to cross the border which slows things down, I had it in my hands in 10 days.

4. My order was both beautifully and safely packaged. Every item was in it's own well labeled bag. Then the whole order was bagged together with attention to how it looked. It was then wrapped in cushioning plastic wrap and finally in tissue paper with a pretty gold Artbeads lable to keep it closed. It was so attractive. Opening the envelope was a treat.

5. Artbeads have all of the items I need and want and their prices are more than competitive.

Thank you Artbeads!! You've got my business!


Copper & Carnelian - Freeform Peyote Bracelet #11

I absolutely love working with these colours and I think this is my third bracelet using them. The beautiful coppery Delicas are my favourite! The carnelian chips were a gift from a friend that I was anxious to use and I have to say that I've really come to love carnelian. I really struggled as I worked this bracelet and wanted to tear it out almost all of the way to the end. Once again, I have to say...Persist! I think I read in Robin Atkins blogs ages ago, the advice not to rip things out and she's right!


I Shall Wear Purple - Peyote Stitch Bracelet

When I started this bracelet, my intention was to do about 10 rows of peyote stitch and then zip it to make a bangle type bracelet. However, it was looking so pretty that I changed my mind and decided to put a row or netting on the edges and then embellish it. It's so pretty, dainty and femininte and makes me wish I had some mauve to wear with it.


White White Peyote Bracelet

This bracelet was completed several days ago but I couldn't get blogger to upload the photos so it's taken till now to get it up here. When I started this bracelet, I was thinking about bridal jewelry. It's a simple peyote stitch base and then I experimented with netting stitch for the first time. Finally I embellished it with six beautiful delicate AB Swarovski crystals and three tiny stars. (I'm not sure about the stone the stars are.) Overall, I'm pleased with the result.


The Blues Freeform Peyote Bracelet #10

This bracelet was a real challenge to me. For the longest time, I wasn't liking it at all. Several times, I considered cutting it apart but kept pushing myself to continue on it. It was very close to the finish before I started to be happy with how it was coming out. It proves that if I just keep working at it, it will all come together!

I'm thinking I'm going to gift this one. There is someone that I think it would be perfect for!


Lavender Free Form Peyote Bracelet #9

Another bracelet and yes, it's for sale! This is a lighter lavender than the last mauve toned bracelet I made. It includes labradorite jasper and a Swarovski crystal as well as three tiny exquisite purple flowers dangling. There is a little bit of netting stitch on one edge that enhances the balance. And I'm ready to start the next one!


Midnight Freeform Peyote Bracelet #8

I have to apologize for the quality of these photographs. This bracelet was a real challenge to photograph. It's mainly glossy black beads with mirror like silver and black fresh water pearls. The center design element has a ruffled edge which is, unfortunately, very hard to distinguish. It's really beautiful and would be the perfect accessory to the little black dress in your closet.

Sold May 5/08


Turquoise Freeform Peyote Bracelet #7

This bracelet has been in my mind for a few weeks. I was looking forward to working with these beads. The funny thing about completing one of these bracelets is that it just makes me want to do another. And collect more beads to do more! I think I'm bead addicted!

The bracelet has some turquoise chips woven in. It also has some silver lined transparent black seed beads that I had to add in. These beads give an effect like looking into a mirror. I'm going to have to get more of them. I also worked with some Delicas for the first time. They are amazing. I love the huge hole in them so that I can go through the beads more than once and often three and four times! I'm imagining doing a whole bracelet in them. It would feel like silk on the arm.

I think the next bracelet is going to be in black and silver.

A Change...

I've removed links to three web rings. The reason for this is that the way it worked has changed. You used to be able to go directly from my blog to the next or previous in the ring. Now you need to go through the web ring site which makes it a lot more complicated for readers. I'm on the lookout for a new way to manage this so if you have any ideas, I'd be happy to hear from you!


Gaelic Pearls Freeform Peyote Bracelet #6

This one is quite a bit different from the others as first there is a foundation of peyote stitch and the freeform peyote is done on top of it. A different technique that I'm not sure I like as well

Earth Tones Freeform Peyote Bracelet #5

I love the colours in this bracelet. And I just can't quit playing with the freeform peyote! As mentioned, all of these bracelets are for sale. Feel free to contact me!


Who's Reading My Blog...

I'm starting to feel like I'm blogging in a vacuum so PLEASE if you're reading my blog, leave me a comment so I'll know that I'm not all alone here in the World Wide Web!!

I'd be really grateful!!

Visiting Vancouver..

I'm away from home at the moment and didn't bring along my camera this time. Silly of me really as the cherry trees are in bloom as well as the magnolias! I'm reminded one more time what a beautiful city this is!

Yesterday, I went to a beading store that I always try to get to when I'm here and discovered that seed beads were on sale 20% off! Yippee!! Needless to say, I bought a bunch. I can hardly wait to get home to stitch them into another peyote bracelet. This seems to be my new obsession. I also managed to get two fresh water pearls that I'm going to use as closures on two of the bracelets waiting to be finished. I got to see a couple of variations on beaded closures in the bead shop and I think I'm going to try my hand at them.

That's it for now. Busy schedule ahead but home again tomorrow.