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First the Earrings...and Then..the Rope

It all began with making a triangle. When the triangle was "finished" I wondered what I'd do with it and decided to try extending one side for a different shape. Then it became the earring. At that point, I'd made several triangles in a row and wanted to do something different. Out came the beading magazines and I came across a bracelet that was based on the spiral rope design. I was referred to the back of the magazine to a 2 stage graphic to teach me the basic stitch. I began in the beads that I'd been using in the earring and at first thought I'd make two one inch ropes for a pair of earrings. But I wanted to see more of the pattern so I continued, thinking bracelet, while I stitched. It just kept growing and now it's a 17" piece of spiral rope that I suppose is a necklace. But now it needs a pendant. And I don't feel like it goes with the earring. I'm going to "live with it" a bit before I make a decision. It needs to "season".

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