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Rainey's Fringe Bracelet #3

This is a bracelet I made for my daughter. She requested the colours that are in it. The bracelet has African Opals, Jasper, fresh water pearls and a variety of glass beads in it. Unfortunately, the photos really do not do it justice.

GIFTED - January 2008


Commission - Fringe Bracelet #2

This bracelet was a commission. The photo really doesn't do justice to the piece. It includes African Opal rounds, fresh water pearls, some metal pieces and a variety of glass beads. Many of the seed beads are a creamy pearl colour with some topaz beads added for sparkle.

SOLD - January 2008

Wire Work Bracelet with Turquoise

I wanted to try something different from a 'charm' bracelet working with wire and this is what I came up with. I feel that I have a lot of room to improve and develop designs, but this is a start. I keep reminding myself that every master craftsman began as a beginner. I love Turquoise and wanted to work the beads in wire then into a bracelet. I learned from this experiment that I need a lighter gauge wire to wrap the bead. I was afraid of fracturing the stone when I did this.

Time Flies....

It surprises me how long it's been since I last posted here. I think I was having a bit of the winter doldrums. Hopefully I'm putting it behind me now.

I tried to take a couple of better photos of the bracelet shown below but I'm finding that it's hard to get a photo where it looks as good as it is. It's beautiful and feels good on the arm.


A New Year Ahead

I haven't been working on much of anything. There's a bracelet that I'm ready to work on...beads selected and all, but I don't have one of the ingredients I still need. Fortunately, I'm heading to Vancouver next week and I'll be able to get what I need.

I really need to come up with a better way of storing my beads. I find I waste a lot of time moving my stash from upstairs to downstairs and back up again. Not much will happen in the next week as I'll be away from home.

The only thing I've been working on was a little experiment with hemp yarn.