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Turquoise Freeform Peyote Bracelet #7

This bracelet has been in my mind for a few weeks. I was looking forward to working with these beads. The funny thing about completing one of these bracelets is that it just makes me want to do another. And collect more beads to do more! I think I'm bead addicted!

The bracelet has some turquoise chips woven in. It also has some silver lined transparent black seed beads that I had to add in. These beads give an effect like looking into a mirror. I'm going to have to get more of them. I also worked with some Delicas for the first time. They are amazing. I love the huge hole in them so that I can go through the beads more than once and often three and four times! I'm imagining doing a whole bracelet in them. It would feel like silk on the arm.

I think the next bracelet is going to be in black and silver.

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