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Book Review - Exquisite Beaded Jewelry

This book has been in my library for a while; about six months. I read it cover to cover when I first got it to help to teach myself freeform peyote. I hadn't picked it up in at least a couple of months, but there is a whole lot more than freeform in it as I rediscovered today.

In the Introduction, the author, Lynda Musante says: "I hope to help you build and expand your skills; find your own voice in your beadwork -- to discover your "look" and, perhaps, challenge you to look at your beadwork differently." The book will certainly challenge you on more than one level.

For the beginner, it covers basics on beads, tools, materials and findings. There is a fairly comprehensive section on the basics of wire work. It also explains stringing with six projects and then moves on to beadweaving.

Chapter six, Stitched Bead Basics, includes detailed instructions with excellent photos for peyote stitch, tubular peyote and brick stitch. The instructions are very thorough and the accompanying gallery provides wonderful inspiration.

The final chapter is titled Sculptural Beading and explains and teaches the techniques of freeform. There are five projects and a gorgeous gallery. Throughout the book there are plenty of detailed close-up photos on almost every page, so there is plenty of eye candy.


Rainbow Time...

Though I don't have anything finished to share, I'm beading. Working on a necklace right now that features a couple of pretty glass beads.

What I do have to share is a photo taken this afternoon. I live on the ocean and the weather here often changes very quickly. That means we see a lot of rainbows. This is the first one that I'm seeing in about 6 weeks.


Silver & Gold Necklace

This necklace was actually started a while ago but I hadn't come up with a pendant for it. I finally managed to find this gorgeous piece of glass and made a spiral rope loop to hang it from the spiral rope neck piece. It was back here that I first posted it, with the earring.

Right now I'm working on a bracelet to match this necklace which is just a couple of posts down. It sold and the bracelet was requested by the purchaser. Of course, I'm more than happy to make it!


EBW Challenge Winner

Etsy BeadWeavers August Challenge has a winner! Search Light Art Deco Bracelet - GemsbyJules received the most votes and took first place.

My necklace entry which was my first time in the challenge, came in 6th. That's a pretty respectable position, I think! A big thank you to everyone who voted for me! Now if I could just find a happy home for it!

I realized today that I haven't done any beading for four days. I was away from home and came home completely exhausted. Hopefully, I'll be better rested and ready to pick up the beads again tomorrow.


This One's for Me!

Turquoise is one of my favourite stones. Probably because it's my birth stone. I've got quite a collection of turquoise stones and I've been surprised to learn that they come in so many different shades. I've been collecting beads to go with them and finally decided to sit down and do something for myself with them. This bracelet in freeform peyote stitch is the result. I chose to add in some beads that pick up on the dark lines through the turquoise stones.


Glass Leaf Pendant Necklace and...

I've gotten over my inspiration block and completed a couple of new pieces. The first one was inspired when I was looking through my supplies. I'd forgotten that I had the glass leaf and when I found it, POOF - inspiration! Taking my cue from the colours in the leaf, I created a princess length spiral rope neck piece in two shades of blue beads and added gold triangle beads to pick up on the gold in the leaf. The leaf pendant can be removed so that the necklace can stand alone.

The second piece was inspired by the turquoise chips. Turquoise is my favourite stone and I thought I'd use them in a bracelet for myself. Again, using the spiral rope stitch, I included the turquoise chips in the center of the bracelet.


It's Time To Vote

This month I'm participating in the Etsy BeadWeavers' August Challenge with the theme "Art Deco". The piece that I've entered is here and is number 17 in the mosaic below.

I'd love it if you voted for me, but no matter who you choose to vote for, please visit the Etsy BeadWeavers' Blog and VOTE!!

August EBWC Mosaic



I'm stuck at the moment. Nothing is inspiring the next piece. I've got two sets of beads laid out and have started something that I'm thinking about pulling apart. Something will come along soon enough. For now, I'm practicing living in the moment.

The Joys of Living Alone...

This is a birds-eye-view of my coffee table in my living room:

Notice the bare edge of the coffee table. There is room to put down a cup of coffee and the remote.

'Nuff said!


Etsy BeadWeavers Art Deco Challenge Necklace

My Art Deco Challenge piece was finished yesterday, in my hotel room. The third triangle had to be stitched twice due to an unfortunate incident with the thread. I'll say no more on the subject. But the up side is that I persisted and finished it. What really makes me happy about this piece is that it looks exactly like I imagined...and I love it! The gold Taho triangle bead I used have an AB finish. The necklace makes me want to go out and buy a new little black dress and heels!