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The Amazing Vanishing Necklace

I'd been working on this necklace for several days. While I was in Vancouver last, I bought the glass pendant bead and was looking forward to creating something. The necklace is another spiral rope in three different turquoise beads with a clear aurora borealis core bead. The pendant can be removed, so the rope can be worn alone. I contemplated adding a silk rope as well and had taken the necklace with me to show a friend over a coffee in her store. I also wanted her opinion about whether it was "finished". I was wondering if I'd add some fringe to the bottom half of the pendant. Couldn't make up my mind.

While I was there, another friend came in looking for a gift. As she was browsing through my jewelry that was already in the store, I showed her this necklace. She snatched it from my hands and said: "I'll take it!"

So before I'd even decided it was finished, it was sold. It vanished! And it wasn't till I got home that I remembered that I hadn't even photographed it yet! Fortunately, this morning when I dropped in on her, it hadn't gone to it's new home yet, so I was able to get a picture of it!

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