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Yet More Blue

This piece is a commission. I didn't enjoy beading this as much as I'd like to. The problem, I decided, is that when someone doesn't have any expectations it would be easier for me. I felt I needed to create something for this customer that looked like my pieces that made her want to ask me to make something just for her. I'm sure many creative artists can identify. It's complicated by the fact that I can see the evolution of my beading and I don't fancy many of the things I made in the beginning. I feel that the pieces I'm creating now are coming from a different place in me. They are more intuitive while earlier pieces came from more of a mechanical/technical place. I was "doing" the beading whereas now I'm am "being" the beading.

Anyway...here are the results.

And these are the beads that I ended up using. I've emptied the tray of the ones that tried out and didn't make it.

P.S. I learned today that new owner of this anklet is very happy with it. That makes me very happy.

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