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New beads arrive and inspire me...

I love getting the mail when there are beads in it. I live in such a small town that there is no mail delivery. I have to go to our one and only post office to pick up my mail and I go about four times a week. Placing small orders for beads, over the internet, often, keeps parcels arriving. Like Christmas, once or twice a week!

Today, an order of Delicas arrived. When I pull out this varied collection of colours and finishes, I got inspired for the "next" piece I'm going to bead.
Opaque Pearl Eggshell, DB0203
Opaque AB Rich Cream DB0157
Opaque Pearl Butterscotch Yellow DB0233
Opaque AB Matte Avocado Green DB01594
Opaque Pearl Forest Green

I'm surprised firstly that the beads look like something I deliberately ordered together, (I didn't) and secondly, that I'm obviously drawn to Opaque beads and I seem to like AB beads as well as Pearl. I'm thinking that this bracelet will simply be a colour study in two drop Peyote.

Now, back to the pair of earrings I'm working on.

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