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Another NOT Beading Post

Lately, I've been learning to weave. I did not warp the loom for this project. Another weaver generously gave me the warp that was left on the loom when she finished her place mats and table runner which I had been admiring as she wove them.

I have a rather long dining room table. This table runner is 75 inches long.

The white threads in this piece are the weft - the part I did. The coloured threads are the warp. The reason I mention this is to show you that a large part of the work on this piece was done by the other weaver. I did the easy part. My next project begins with me warping the loom myself. (Actually, planning the project was the first step.)

And finally, this is Sophie, my 5 pound shih tzu/poodle cross dog. Sophie will be having puppies around February 28th.

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