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1,000,000,000 Pillowcase Challenge

If you haven't heard of it, you can find all of the information here. What they say about it is: " A pillowcase can provide comfort for a cancer patient, hope for a foster child, encouragement for a battered woman, or beauty for a nursing home resident."

I spent Wednesday cutting out twenty-five pillowcases for the ladies in my quilting group to sew and when I left them they were sewing them. Today, I decided to make a few myself. I have a huge fabric stash and I'm looking for ways to use up fabric so that I can justify buying more.

Here's a peek at the ones I made. You are looking at the cuff on the ones I made and the smaller strip in the photo is the fabric of the body of the pillowcase. They are well made and all of the edges are finished.

In case you want to participate here's the lowdown on how I cut my pillowcases.

1 - Body of case 27" x WOF ( width of fabric) - approx 44/45"

1 - Cuff of case 12" x WOF

1 - "Zinger" strip 1 1/2" x WOF.

Pin together and sew "zinger" (folded and pressed in half), cuff and body of case (right sides together). Then roll up body of case into cuff folded in half (right sides together) to make a tube. Sew tube. Pull pillowcase out of tube and finish remaining two seams as french seams.

And now, back to beading.

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