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Not Yet A Studio

My moved happened 11 days ago and parts of the house are organized and other parts are not. Because my plan is to be here "forever", I'm working hard to have things organized to my own standards, as I unpack. My studio has taken a back seat to this point and I'm not sure when I'll really go to work on it. I keep reminding myself to "eat the elephant, one bite at a time" so that I can feel satisfied with moving forward, little bit by little bit.

I thought it might be fun to post photos of my studio in chaos to compare with how it's going to look further down the line.

This photo is taken from the doorway to the room. Lots of boxes to be unpacked yet. The windows face west and south.

I've started to get some of my shelves up.

There are a lot of boxes here. You can't really see that the closed is stacked full of boxes too.

You can almost see one of my work tables here in the background. Those dark dusty blue walls have got to go! It just makes the room too darn dark!

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