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I'm putting a permanent link on my page to Artbeads.com because I'm so impressed with them. Look for it in the right hand column of my blog page.

I've been shopping around on the internet for a bead store and I've tried several. (I live in a town of 2500 and the closest beadshop to me is three hours away by car and I don't drive.) One that I liked for the variety, has recently bumped up their shipping and handling to a minimum of $16. This just doesn't make sense if I'm only spending $20 on beads as it almost doubles my cost. One of my goals has been to find an online bead shop that has a good selection AND reasonable shipping costs. Artbeads fills the bill. One dollar shipping to Canada! Here's what I like about them:

1. When I place an order I immediately get an email back to confirm my order.

2. Then I get another email, letting me know that my order has shipped. My first order with them was placed on a Sunday, confirmed that day and shipped that day! Excellent service!

3. Even taking into account that my order had to cross the border which slows things down, I had it in my hands in 10 days.

4. My order was both beautifully and safely packaged. Every item was in it's own well labeled bag. Then the whole order was bagged together with attention to how it looked. It was then wrapped in cushioning plastic wrap and finally in tissue paper with a pretty gold Artbeads lable to keep it closed. It was so attractive. Opening the envelope was a treat.

5. Artbeads have all of the items I need and want and their prices are more than competitive.

Thank you Artbeads!! You've got my business!

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