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I've been thinking for a while about building some online quilting classes. I think I'm going to start with one and see how it works out. I'll be creating it and then putting it on my Etsy site for sale. So, I've been thinking about quilting, not beading and still haven't done much since the craft fair. Unless you count the pair of earrings I made today and the bracelet I made yesterday. I have not been doing the nose to the grindstone thing. That's for sure.

I puttered a bit yesterday at a first attempt at ATC's (Artist Trading Cards). I have a series of six on the go and five of them I'm happy with so far; one not so much. I'm torn between starting a new #6 and just leaving it at a series of five. Talk about high stress, huh?

The sun is shining. The clouds are hanging on the mountain tops on the horizon and the ocean is calm though there is a slight breeze. The temperature is 40 F. It's a beautiful day and the light is fading fast. See for yourself!

How's this for a view?

You can click on the image for a larger version. When it clears over the weekend, I'm going to have to get a photo of the mountains topped in snow.

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