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Whatta Distraction!

I haven't been getting much beading done and here's my reason why! My 5 pound chihuahua mix, Willie and I have added another member to our family.

This is Sophie, who weighs about a pound and is almost 8 weeks old. She's a shih tzu/poodle cross and was the runt of her litter. We expect her to be about the same size as Willie. She's keeping me pretty busy while I make my best effort to get her house broken. Because we've got a smattering of snow covering the grass, I've been working with her on a puppy training pad strategically placed beside the door. Amazing to me that in four short days, she has learned her name, responds to "come" and does her business on the training pad. I'm grateful that Willie has gone from completely ignoring her to playing with her and even sharing chewie treats.

If you are interested, I've put a few videos taken of Sophie on YouTube.

My son is arriving for Christmas today so...who knows when I'll get back to my beading!

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