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Entrecard and Me

So I've been doing the Entrecard thing for a while now and I have a couple of lists I'd like to share.

Blogs I Only Go To Once
  • Blogs with music - I have my own music happening thank you very much
  • Blogs with lots of animated "stuff" - It just takes too darn long to load
  • Blogs that are heavily weighted with advertising - Goes without saying; I want content
  • Blogs that hide their Entrecard drop spot near the bottom of the page - Time spent searching for it is time I could be reading your blog.
Working the Entrecard System
  • Cultivate loyal traffic by returning all drops to your card
  • Comment when you read something that interests you and to which you have a real response 
  • Place your Entrecard drop spot "above the fold"- near the top of the page so that your droppers are reading, not searching
  • Don't decide it's not working too soon
I can't really judge how effective Entrecard is at marketing my blog unless I work the system to it's limit.  That's what I'm doing and so far so good!  

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